The Classics of  Louis Max Collection.

4 different wines productions that can be defined our Heart production.


One of the most renowned appellations of Burgundy, Chablis wines are known for to be mineral, sharp and dry. The Chablis Saint Jean Louis Max is made with the utmost respect for the typicity of the Chablis wines. The Maconnais vineyard is the home of the Chardonnay: more than 80% of the overall vineyard surface is planted with this grape variety. While the region produces mostly white wines, it also produces some red wines, mostly made from gamay. Maison Louis Max is a specialist of white wines from the Maconnais, with several appellations, including the famous Pouilly Fuissé


The Beaujolais vineyard is the southern cousin of the Burgundy vineyard. The region, has a different type of soil, very granitic and sandy, and is the home of the Gamay, which is perfect for this type of soil. Maison Louis Max proposes a wide range of Beaujolais, vinified using the traditional winemaking method of the Beaujolais in whole clusters.


Marc de Bourgogne is a French spirit made from pressing the skins, pulp, and seeds that are left over after wine grapes are processed into wine. Marc de Bourgogne is known to be one of the finest Marc existing. This Marc is made exclusively from Chardonnay. It is aged over 7 years old, well beyond the appellation limit of 2 years.

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